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From the Source: Workstead

by HudsonWoods

At times it seems like Workstead does a little bit of everything. From industrial design, to interior design to Architecture and installations, over the past 5 years they have developed a prolific portfolio of beautiful work. Founded by Stefanie Brechbueler and Robert Highsmith, their beautifully distinctive style draws from responsible design that works to create a sense of place for both the objects they contain and the people that experience them.

Inspired by rich materials and simple forms they rely heavily on process and always remaining authentic by allowing context and intuition to guide their way.

Recently the Workstead team completed work on the much talked about Wythe hotel in Brooklyn and have produced a collection of lighting fixtures that are subtle yet gracefully hold a presence of their own, helping to pull a room together in the appropriate way. At the Hudson Woods model home you will be able to find the chandelier pictured below in the entry hall.

We’re excited to see how this piece will make a powerful impact as one of the first elements people see when stepping into the home. It will create a warm and comfortable atmosphere that will prevail throughout the home.

We’re also featuring the bent wall lamp being installed in the studio/garage to create a comfortable working space with the proper amount of lighting and style.

These lighting fixtures are customizable or prefabricated and hang in the Levi’s flagship store in Tokyo, the Facebook headquarters, Barney’s Co-op in Brooklyn, and the homes of Kelly Klein and Darren Aronofsky.