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License a Hudson Woods Design

Find Out How To Build Your Own Hudson Woods House.

We are now offering the means to bring a Hudson Woods house to life on your own land or property you purchase. Placed in the woods, the mountains, near the ocean, or in a garden, the home immediately blends in with the surroundings.

What Is The HW Design License?

A 224 page document of detailed drawings, specifications and material choices for replicating the Hudson Woods house.


Detailed Drawings And Specifications For Building The Hudson Woods House

Fixture, Finish & Materials

Full Access To The Hudson Woods Partners & Suppliers.

Construction Friendly

Tried And Tested For Replicating 30+ Houses

Benchmark Timeline

6-12 Month Timeline To Plan Against

How it Works

5 steps to creating a hudson woods house on your property

Acquire Land

Decide on your new or existing building plot.

HW Design

Purchase the Hudson Woods house design licence.

Hire Contractor

Choose the construction team to build your home to spec.

Secure Permit

File applications to obtain approval to build.

Construct House

Begin construction Est. 6-12 month timeline.

What’s My Investment?

Estimated construction cost between $800,000-$1,000,000 plus Land & Design License.

Individual License: $35,000

Use the form below to tell us about your needs and we will be in touch with next steps

Frequently Asked Questions

What considerations should I have in mind when purchasing land?

How construction-ready is the land? Is it cleared and graded? Are plumbing, electric and cable connected? Are a road and driveway installed? The more a lot is construction ready, the lower your construction costs will be.

How do I go about identifying a qualified contractor?

We can recommend contractors in the area, but there are also a number of tools available such as Sweeten. Be sure to vet several contractors carefully and ask for 3 references from each contractor.

Are your upgrade designs available to license?

Yes. Please contact us regarding which upgrades you would like to purchase. Cost can vary depending on the upgrade. Some items like the kitchen pantry, kitchen island and wood burning stove can be purchased directly.

Can the standard house design be modified?

Modifications can be made directly by you with your contractor, or by a professional you hire to make drawing modifications for you. Our team can be hired to make modifications for you on an hourly fee basis.

Do you offer any construction financing options?

We can connect you to lending partners in the area. However, a construction loan process is very similar to a mortgage process with 3rd party lending banks.

Will I need a local architect or engineer after purchasing a Design Licence?

An engineer is recommended to design your septic system or sewer connections. Your contractor or professionals you hire can secure building permits and approvals required by local municipalities.