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From the Source: Allied Maker

by HudsonWoods

You may remember in previous posts we’ve discussed lighting in the model house by WorksteadMateria Designs. This week, we’d like to take a look at lighting fixtures from another New York based studio in Allied Maker

Located in Glen Cove, NY, Allied Maker is a contemporary lighting design studio founded by Ryden Rizzo. Started as an artful woodworking practice, it has organically evolved into a multi-disciplinary studio which collaborates with local artisans and manufacturers; as well as handcrafting and assembling products in-house.

Their approach to design stems from an obsession with raw materials. From the way a material sounds to its tactile properties to the aesthetic qualities of the finished product, every detail is important and contributes to the beauty of the piece. With an influence on geometric simplicity, serious craftsmanship, and high-quality materials we felt an immediate kinship to the sensibilities of Hudson Woods. Allied Maker’s focus on working with local partners further sparked the relationship.  

The model house features four light fixtures from Allied Maker, each custom made to order. Below, is the Half-Dome Pendant which hangs in the dining area above a Sawkille dining table & chairs

Below is the dome pendant which hangs in the master bedroom. The dome pendants are handcrafted from premium 16-gauge heavy weight metal and individually pushed over a wooden mold to form the shape. The dome is then meticulously brushed and waxed to achieve the perfect sheen.

The blown glass globe of the below dome pendant provides pleasant surface diffusion while complimenting the light’s overall form. The fixture is finished with a premium-grade American Black Walnut canopy that is turned on a lathe and finished with natural oils.

The Brass and Oak Bell Pendant hangs at the Entry Hall of the house. Referencing a classic hand bell, this petite and minimalist pendant houses rich textures of solid brass, white oak, and cotton cord.

The T-Pendant hangs both in the children’s room as seen below and in the guest bedroom. A solid brass two-globe ceiling fixture with porcelain sockets, it is modeled after 19th century gas lanterns that were used to illuminate saloons.