Hudson Woods - Where Design Meets Nature – Field & Supply at Newly Opened Hutton Brickyards

Field & Supply is back again for its fourth year. This time the design fair will take place at Hutton Brickyards, a newly opened event venue on the Hudson River waterfront only 2 miles from Kingston, NY and 26 miles from Hudson Woods (on a scenic drive winding along the Ashokan Reservoir).

The Hutton brickyard was once a major driver of Kingston’s economy, employing hundreds of workers to quarry clay, make and bake bricks, and load them onto barges headed downstate. For more than a century, they were the raw material for New York City’s building boom.

In 1980, the brickyard shut down. It remained vacant until last summer when the former brickyard was restored into a new events venue. It has since hosted an upstate offshoot of popular Brooklyn food festival Smorgasburg as well as two highly anticipated Bob Dylan concerts. This fall Field & Supply will be next in line to occupy the space with a number of new workshops, designers, artisans and food vendors in the expanded location. You can learn more on the Field & Supply website or catch up on some of our past posts about the fair; F&S Photo Review 1, F&S Photo Review 2, F&S Year 2014, F&S 2015, F&S 2016

Below are a few past event photos from Hutton Brickyards and Field & Supply.