Hudson Woods - Where Design Meets Nature – Field + Supply Part 2: A Photo Review


Field + Supply Part 2: A Photo Review

by HudsonWoods

It is safe to say that we had a blast this past weekend at the first Field + Supply Maker Fair in High Falls, NY. The exhibiting makers and designers had stunning displays of work. It was a fantastic experience to see the burgeoning creative community of the Hudson Valley collected in one location with the Black Barn as a perfect setting. And Hudson Woods served as a nice extension to the fair, just a 15 minute drive from the Black Barn, people were able to stop by and see many of the maker’s pieces in a home setting. If you missed the fair, all you need to do is search #fieldandsupply on instagram and you’ll get 320+ photos recapping the event. We’d like to share some of our favorites to get you started. 

Lots of folks enjoying the festivities | Photo from @dollyandmilky

Looking out over the fire pit | Photo from @NalataNalata

Everyone brought their dogs to Field + Supply | Photo from @Remodelista

Photo from @Delonis

Sawkille had an incredible display | Photo from @meagancampstyle

Photo from @sawkillecomapny

And stools by our friends from Materia Designs | Photo from @Remodelista 

Pieces by Michael Robbins Furniture | Photo from @_michael_robbins

Great photo from our friends @andnorth

Ravenwood also featured a farm stand | Photo from @ravenwoodny

A look at our table styled by @meagancampstyle

And of course, the man who organized the fair @bradforddesigntherapy