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Outdoor Living At Hudson Woods

by HudsonWoods

We’re certainly looking forward to getting cozy indoors by the wood burning stove this winter at Hudson Woods but until then, we’re still enjoying the sunny days poolside. For that reason we wanted to highlight our outdoor pieces before bringing them indoors for the season. 

We have a host of items on the deck and pool patio all made by RoyalBotania, each piece crafted from carefully harvested mature teakwood and designed by RoyalBotania founder Kris Van Puyvelde. Ergonomics are a main focus of RoyalBotania’s design process, making sure simple & clean aesthetics combine seamlessly with functionality and comfort. 

Thierry Herbert, RoyalBotania USA President, put it quite nicely saying, “RoyalBotania’s offerings are emblematic of the high end yet authentic Hudson Woods lifestyle, we share a similar architectural aesthetic with attention to detail and superior engineering.”

We know Thierry locally through his New York based shop & virtual showroom called D’Apostrophe where people can browse a selection of RoyalBotania and several other home furnishings. 

Pictured above and below are two white deck chairs with side table.

Pictured above and below are two black cafe chairs with side table. 

Pictured above are two white loungers with cafe table and black chairs and two white cafe chairs with a side table at the back end of the pool.

We also selected a trolley for easy storage and pool-side prep work.