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From The Source: Sawkille Co.

by HudsonWoods

Sawkille is all about community, it is the very inspiration to their craft. Located in Rhinebeck, NY they take inspiration from all the amenities that the Hudson Valley has to offer. They even turn their studio into a community gallery to host a variety of artist receptions.

“We draw from the heritage of the Hudson Valley; from people creating and working to build a life around what is meaningful to them. In reflecting on this heritage and the vibrant community of artisans all around, we feel excited to be a part of what we call Rural American Design.”

Every piece that is meticulously hand crafted carries with it this undeniable flavor. With a value for furniture that improves in character through time and use, their pieces meld into a rough but glamorous aesthetic. Organic and honest their furniture results in a particularly rare experience adding something lovely and inspiring to the environment you cultivate.

It is this dedication to community and craftsmanship that excites us at Hudson Woods to be working with Sawkille. They are helping to bring a true touch of the Hudson Valley life and soul to our little oasis.

Sawkille is helping to create the custom kitchen island (pictured above) built from blackened steel with solid black walnut drawers and a soapstone countertop. Other features include drawer dividers with an integral knife block and customizable peg system in the large middle drawer.

Stay tuned to Sawkille’s blog and facebook page to catch the next artist reception and get insights into some fun and quirky activities the Catskills have to offer.