Hudson Woods - Where Design Meets Nature – From the Source: Kaufmann Mercantile


When looking for the perfect finishing touches to outfit the Hudson Woods model home, we were quickly drawn to Kaufmann Mercantile. Recommended by our friends from Samuel Moyer Furniture, Kaufmann sources a fantastic array of daily wares that are must haves in any home. They carefully curate their selections to fit a stringent set of guidelines which we value highly here at Hudson Woods.

Kaufmann’s process starts with diligent research, speaking directly with makers and testing hundreds of items to evaluate production methods, materials, packaging and other environmental concerns. Sustainable and ethical practices are of utmost importance along with criteria such as precision, durability, strength, aesthetics, uniqueness and tradition. They sell only what they use in daily life so about one percent of items researched make it to the shop.

Sebastian Kaufmann at the Amagansett Summer Store

Located in Brooklyn they maintain a constantly growing involvement with New York, participating in a pop-up shop with Shinola, the recently launched Open House by Everlane and recently opening a summer pop-up shop of their own in Amagansett. All you bicycling lovers may also want to stay tuned as Kaufmann is collaborating with Horse Cycles on an exciting custom bike project.

Here are some of the items we’ve selected for the Hudson Woods model home:

Here are some more collections that have come through Kaufmann Mercantile: