Hudson Woods - Where Design Meets Nature – From the Source: Heath Ceramics

From the Source: Heath Ceramics

by HudsonWoods

Located in Sausalito, California, Heath Ceramics has been making objects for the home since 1959. Knowing the rich tradition and heritage behind their work, we reached out to outfit the Hudson Woods kitchens with a selection of their tiles.

Their heritage starts with Edith Heath who founded the company after her solo pottery show at San Francisco’s Legion of Honor. Today, there is still a crew of 40 skilled craftsmen (many having been there for 20+ years) making products by hand and on location, often utilizing the methods and techniques developed by Edith throughout her life.

At Hudson Woods we are using the Classic Field Tile for the kitchen backsplash. Staying true to the Heath tradition, every tile is hand cut and hand glazed giving each piece unique depth and variation. There are 6 colors to choose from for the Hudson Woods kitchen: New Opaque White, Mid Century White, Campari Red, Pomegranate Jade Porcelain, and Jade Manganese. The model home features the Jade Manganese color. 

The high quality artisanal nature of Heath Ceramic is balanced with a simple and modern aesthetic which fits perfectly with our vision at Hudson Woods. Each piece is well crafted and timeless. It’s about making enduring objects that empower connection through the way people eat and live. 

We also value Heath’s focus on developing local partnerships and highlighting area makers. A small and privately owned local manufacturer, they strive to become a model for US manufacturing — inspiring designers’ domestic production and US manufacturers to think creatively about their business models.