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From the Source: Deborah Ehrlich

by HudsonWoods

When we came across Deborah Ehrlich’s Crystal Jelly Jar lights we knew that they’d be a great fit for the model home. Designed and made for Deborah’s own home in the Hudson Valley, she only thought to bring them to the public after some requests. 

Now, Deborah collaborates with Swedish master craftsmen who hand blow the crystal which is lead-free, making it thinner and more delicate than traditional glass. Renowned for her work with this paper thin glass, people are drawn to the purity and delicacy of form created by Deborah.

the Jelly Jar Glass hangs at several locations in the Hudson Woods model home, as seen in the photo above, hanging in the lower level hall. 

The serene surroundings & intimate details of the Hudson Valley make a strong impact on Deborah’s work. “This area of the Hudson Valley is a fantastic combination of innate beauty and fundamental practicality,” Deborah says.

“The farmhouses, the farms, the old roads, the hardware store; the delicateness of the latch on the barn, the color of lime wash, the elegant proportions of the beams uncovered in the house. It’s not hard to pull those details into your own work.”

Deborah’s home in the Hudson Valley above and crystal ware created by Deborah below.

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