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Empowering Sustainable Living

by HudsonWoods

It is exciting to hear this week from that electric car sales are growing by more than 100% year-over-year. Electric cars have zero tailpipe emissions, they help tremendously to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and they cut our addiction to oil, improving national energy security. They are poised to disrupt the automobile industry in coming years with sales projected to increase exponentially.

At Hudson Woods our goal is to empower this type of progress by making it easier for people to utilize developing technologies like electric cars that help sustain the pristine environment of the Hudson Valley and keep our world a cleaner and safer place. As such, we’ve meticulously considered every element of sustainable practices including electric-car charging outlets.

We carefully choose a car charging station that minimizes energy usage while saving money by avoiding peak utility rates. The Blink HQ station has charging capabilities nearly four times faster than a standard charger and is compatible with all electric cars sold in the United States. It is a beautiful, clean and compact design that is user friendly and tucks away neatly allowing for seamless technological integration. The Blink HQ is one of the first home charging devices for Electric Vehicles to be available for residential purchase.

In New York alone, the governors office is deploying 325 electric vehicle charging stations. It is this kind of coverage that empowers people to live more intentionally and conscientiously. We hope to do our part in empowering easier eco-responsible practices to create a net positive impact.

The Blink HQ is the only EV charger that gives you a free membership to the over 4,000 charging stations in the Blink Network. Plus, with the free Blink Mobile app you can find public chargers, get updates and check your account from anywhere.

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