Hudson Woods - Where Design Meets Nature – Two Spring Recipes From Ravenwood


Two Spring Recipes From Ravenwood

by HudsonWoods

With Spring officially a day away we are excited for the return of warm weather at Hudson Woods. To celebrate we wanted to follow up on our winter recipe post from January by bringing you two Spring recipes based on local ingredients. We reached out to one of our local culinary friends, Ravenwood, located a stone skip away from Hudson Woods in Olivebridge, NY.

Ravenwood is a collaboration between Chris Lanier and Dana McClure on a 4-acre cow pasture which they bought in 2010 with hopes of turning the place into a small vegetable farm. Seeking creative ways to integrate their work, life and community between Brooklyn and Upstate New York, they started hosting intimate dinners showcasing produce and small-batch products made on the farm. As Ravenwood has grown over the years, Chris and Dana have worked on a number of projects and gatherings, including our Autumn gathering, last year. Now they are renovating a 19th Century barn on their property to serve as the Ravenwood outpost.

Without further ado, here are two Spring recipes from Ravewood that you can make at home.

Spring greens and herb salad

Serves 1. Repeat amounts in recipe per additional person

Pea shoots, baby lettuces, baby kale, baby mustard, tarragon, chervil, snipped chives, parsley leaves
Minced shallot
Red wine vinegar
Extra virgin olive oil
Cracked pepper
Course sea salt

1) Add 1 handful of greens and 1 pinch of herbs to large mixing bowl
2) Add 1 pinch of minced shallot
3) Sprinkle on a few shakes of red wine vinegar
4) Drizzle on some Olive oil
5) Add a pinch of course salt and cracked pepper
6) Mix well
7) Serve immediately

Roasted asparagus with radish, spring herbs and 6 minute egg

Serves 2.

1 bunch asparagus
5 assorted radish
2 farm eggs
Chervil, tarragon, snipped chives, parsley leaves
Course salt, Cracked pepper, Extra Virgin Olive oil
1 lemon

1) Heat oven to 450
2) Put on small pot of water to boil
3) Trim off tough bottom portion of asparagus
4) Cut asparagus into 2 inch pieces.
5) Toss asparagus with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper
6) Put asparagus in oven safe saute pan and put in hot oven. Cook for 10 minutes or until charred and tender. Stir half way through cooking.
7) Slice radish thin on mandoline, set aside
8) When asparagus are done, remove from oven and place into mixing bowl
9) Gently place egg into boiling water. Set timer for 6 minutes
10) Add radish to bowl with asparagus.
11) Add a nice pinch of herbs, salt, pepper, a squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of olive oil to radish and asparagus
12) Mix together gently and place in serving bowls
13) When egg timer is up, remove egg from water with slotted spoon.
14) Run egg under cool water until you are able to handle it
15) Very gently peel the egg. The inside will be soft, so be careful.
16) Place egg on top of asparagus mixture
17) Garnish with a few more herbs and a pinch of cracked pepper and course salt