Hudson Woods - Where Design Meets Nature – Test Drive in the Hudson Valley

Test Drive in the Hudson Valley

by HudsonWoods

As many of you may have noticed at our launch party, we have recently been quite keen on BMW’s i3, their first fully dedicated electric vehicle. We have been seeking a smart transportation solution to use between the city and Hudson Woods and around the Hudson Valley.

The i3 has emerged as the perfect option for us to further minimize emissions and environmental impact in our day-to-day life around Hudson Woods. The new range extender option or “i3 REX” allows us to swiftly get from the city to Hudson Woods without having to make any stops.

It’s quite easy to clear 125 miles before having to think about recharging. Once arriving at the model home we plug in the Blink car charger and the car is ready to go in a few of hours. A full charge takes 4 hours but it will get a 75% charge within 2 hours.