Hudson Woods - Where Design Meets Nature – Pool Opening at Hudson Woods


Pool Opening at Hudson Woods

by HudsonWoods

The pool at Hudson Woods is extraordinary, like no other pool we have designed or seen ourselves, and as the pool is opened up once again this season, inspiration and fantasy abounds. Gazing at the pool from within the house and vantage points outside, or being in the pool, floating above the landscape surrounded by forest and sky all makes for magical, serene and transportive experience.

Seamlessly integrated with the landscape, we construct each pool with a palette of bluestone pavers and dry laid bluestone walls, a gunnite structure and integrally colored plaster finish. The siting and particular character of each pool varies based on carefully optimization of site conditions.

Salt water, heat, indigenous plantings, illumination and pathways to and from the pool take the experience further. Come see the pool, touch and feel it, bring your suit and take a swim.