Hudson Woods - Where Design Meets Nature – Locally Delicious: Launch Party Fare

Many of you who attended the launch party have asked us about who was responsible for the brilliant barbecue, the refreshing summer beers, and the decadent pies and ice cream. We are happy to share the sources with you, especially since they are all Hudson Valley enterprises and part of the local fabric.

So that barbecue that was so unbelievably good is from the lads at Brotherly Grub BBQ, a new project by the progeny of the Schoonmaker family who own and run Saunderskill Farms & Markets. Since they are operating in pop up mode at the moment, follow them on Facebook to see where they will turn up next:

Speaking of Saunderskill, we, sourced our pies and cookies from their bakery. We love Saunderskill enough to offer our first 7 buyers $1000 gift certificates to start loading up their pantries.

Larry Scott of Mill House Brewery in Poughkeepsie “curated” the two refreshing beers that were so well received: 1) the PK Pale- an American Pale Ale that stays true to it’s roots by keeping the hops in check. 2) the Kold One- their take on a classic German style that quenches the thirst with a crisp noble hop finish.

Doc’s Draft hard ciders are produced in Warwick Winery, deep in the farming community of Sullivan County. It’s a beautiful facility that caters to its visitors.

And lastly Jane’s ice cream from Kingston is made from fresh, local and organic products. It seems to be catching on down state as well and is served in many of NYC’s finest hotels and restaurants, such as The Regency, The Carlysle,The Algongquin and Sak’s Fifth Avenue.

We’d also like to give BMW a big thank you for providing the i3 fully electric car during the event. As part of our commitment to a conscientious and eco-friendly lifestyle it’s important that we utilize sustainable means of travel between the model home, areas in the Hudson Valley and New York City.