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Hudson Valley Trail Guide

by HudsonWoods

The Hudson Valley is chock-full of breathtaking and serene outdoor experiences. From miles of sandstone and granite cliffs to cattail-lined riverbanks onto lush forests and swimming holes, the lure of the mountains is hard to resist. Within only 15 miles of Hudson Woods, there is an abundance of scenic adventures. We have compiled a few of our favorite and family friendly spots within a quick jaunt of Hudson Woods. We hope you’ll enjoy!

Vernooy Falls: 3.4 Miles From Hudson Woods
A four mile round-trip, this hike follows an old road to beautiful swimming holes ascending gradually up the Cherrytown Mountain to a series of waterfalls that drop approximately 30 feet in four stages.

Awosting Falls: 12.4 Miles From Hudson Woods
With a beach made of solid rock, this gorgeous lake’s dedicated swimming area provides a brilliant way to douse after making the uphill, but moderate 4.5 mile hike.

Lake Minnewaska: 12.6 Miles From Hudson Woods
The tour around Lake Minnewaska is not only beautiful, but also manageable at 1.7 miles. Directly off the main parking lot in Minnewaska State Park, the well attended, but not overcrowded trails are open, airy and provide a moment of scenic bliss.

Stony Kill Falls: 13.3 Miles From Hudson Woods
Within a relatively brief walk in a portion of the Minnewaska Park, near Wawarsing is a stunning 90 foot waterfall flowing over a sheer cliff face into a pristine swimming hole. Above the fall is a pool from which there are marvelous views of the Stony Creek and Roundout Valleys, into Sullivan County.

Ashokan Reservoir: 11.0 Miles From Hudson Woods
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. The Ashokan Reservoir is one of the neatest spots in the Hudson Valley. Stunning mountain views surround a serene and historic lake built in 1915 to provide water to New York City. To this day, the reservoir provides 40% of New York City’s daily water usage.

Rosendale Trestle: 16.9 Miles From Hudson Woods
The most impressive stage along the 24 mile long Walkill Valley Rail Trail, this refurbished train truss bridge that crosses over the Rondout Creek dating back to 1872. Peer over Rosendale, and while you’re there, marvel that rail trail now extending continuously from Gardiner to Kingston.