Hudson Woods - Where Design Meets Nature – From The Source: White Oak From The Hickman Family

When we use the phrase “from the source” as a motto for Hudson Woods, we are referring in part to the consideration that has gone into selecting our materials, vendors, and methods.

Take for instance the white oak that we have selected as a central design element of our homes in the floors, walls, doors, trim, cabinetry and paneling. It has a richness and depth in tone and golden brown hues that bring an element of warmth to our modern spaces. The oak also has a wonderful back story in that it comes from the Hickman family business.

For four generations, the Hickmans have been using responsible timber harvest practices to provide builders with the highest quality hardwoods. Their holistic approach to procuring the wood takes into account a forest’s aesthetics, wildlife, and the ideal density to encourage future regeneration. We call that sustainable; they call it silviculture, or “forest growing.” All of their wood products are certified to FSC standards as having been sourced from well managed forests.

The Hickman’s even employ draft horses to move the timber across the property, a family tradition that dates back to when Harry Hickman logged with a crosscut saw and a team of horses in 1938. Says second generation “Pop” Larry Hickman, “Sometimes it’s worth a little extra effort to leave no trace.”

Once a tree is harvested, it is delivered to the efficient, precision timber mill in Allegheny, Pennsylvania. A terrible fire in the late 1980’s that could have been a setback actually allowed in “Pop” Larry and his on Dennis to reconfigure the mills to have greater control over the sawing process which enables them to utilize the entire log. The wood is processed into nationally distributed hardwood lumber and also into the highly sought after hardwood flooring boards that we at Hudson Woods will be using in our homes.

“Pop” is officially retired but he goes to the forests or the mill every day, and he has watched his forests grow up with the current generations. As fourth generation Jessica says: “family, quality products, and the preservation of the local environment will always be the greatest values to Hickman Lumber.”