Hudson Woods - Where Design Meets Nature – 11 Waterfalls to Chase This Summer + Open House

With Spring in full bloom and summer around the corner, now is the time to plan your summer trips upstate. To help you plan your trips, we assembled a select list of 11 waterfalls to visit this summer. We are holding an open house this Saturday (details below) and we hope you can stop by.

Open House
Saturday, June 3rd | 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
101 Ridgewood Rd. Kerhonkson, NY 12446

High Falls (on Rondout Creek)
14.1 Miles | 24 Minutes to Hudson Woods

This waterfall is located in heart of the village of High Falls, minutes from where the black barn where Field & Supply has been held the past two years. It is approximately thirty feet tall, two hundred feet across and easily the most powerful waterfall in the region with a hydroelectric turbine harnesses power for the region. The location of the waterfall provides for easy access and proximity to local shops, restaurants, pubs, and natural food co-ops.

Awosting & Peterskill Falls
14.9 Miles | 25 Minutes to Hudson Woods

This is one of the easiest to reach water falls in the Hudson Valley region and located in one of its largest parks; Minnewaska State Park. The 60 foot waterfall is just a 15 minute hike into the park. The fall collects into a crystal clear swimming hole, perfect for escaping the last few days of the summer heat.

Sheldon Falls
14.9 Miles | 25 Minutes to Hudson Woods

In our neighboring hamlet town of Accord, the Peterskill stream weaves carves its way over smooth rock slabs and a series of cascades known as Sheldon Falls. This area more than makes up for its lack of height with a series of deep pools set in a beautiful forest. It is a perfectly isolated spot for a hot summer day or a fall picnic in the woods.

Stony Kill Falls
13.3 Miles | 29 Minutes to Hudson Woods

Stony Kill Falls is a fifty-foot-tall located a bit deeper in the Minnewaska State Park trail network, making for a nice hike to a small pool at the base of the falls. A beautiful pool lies above the falls as well which can be reached via a steep path around the left side of the cliff.

Rainbow Falls
14.9 Miles | 25 Minutes to Hudson Woods

Rainbow Falls has an etherial feel with hanging gardens, deep green mosses, and birds’ nests tucked up into the nooks and crannies of the seventy-foot overhanging cliff. The hike to Rainbow Falls is a rugged 2.5 miles but it is located across a ravine from a popular carriage road that leads to beautiful Awosting Lake.

Verkeerderkill Falls
29.8 Miles | 53 Minutes to Hudson Woods

Verkeerderkill Falls is one of the least visited places in this group. It is the tallest waterfall in the region and is set in serene isolation. For most people, a trip out to Verkeerderkill Falls will take much of the day, especially if it includes a visit to the series of deep clefts and crevices in the quartz conglomerate cliffs known as the ice caves.

Split Rock
16.0 Miles | 27 Minutes to Hudson Woods

Split Rock is a narrow, twenty-foot deep slot with a nice waterfall and large, chest deep pool. This is one of the geological wonders of the Shawangunk mountains making it one of the most popular destinations in the area.

Kaaterskill Falls
38.4 Miles | 60 Minutes to Hudson Woods

Kaaterskill Falls is the tallest waterfall in New York at 180 feet, making for one of the more dramatic scenes in the area. The trail follows along the tumbling Kaaterskill Creek, leading up to a lower waterfall that is about thirty feet tall. A huge double-tiered brownstone amphitheater hangs above the lower falls and can be reached by a spidery network of social paths on either side of the creek.

Plattekill Falls
51.0 Miles | 71 Minutes to Hudson Woods

Although this is one of the furthest locations from Hudson Woods, it is an area that has been called the Grand Canyon of the East. It boasts some of the most dramatic terrain in the Catskills. Indian Head, Haystack, and High Peak are just a few of the mountains densely packed around the Platte Clove, all making for some advanced hiking trails. At the top of the ravine is Plattekill Falls, a forty- foot fall with a large chest-deep pool.

Bridal Veil Falls
51.0 Miles | 71 Minutes to Hudson Woods

This is the most advanced hike of the group. It is an adventure getting down to the base of Bridal Veil to a 60 foot waterfall that crashes down onto a collection of large boulders, filling the air with mist and spray. The narrow ravine creates a cacophony of sound. Though not far from the car, Bridal Veil is not easy to reach. It will take a fair amount of must scrambling down steep rocks and is recommended for advanced climbers only.