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Read Miss Moss’s full Saana ja Olli post here. 

We love Miss Moss‘s recent find, Saana ja Olli. Their textiles are striking and the imagery showcasing them below has just what we love: relaxation in nature. These patterns were made by a couple who own their own textile design company based out of Turku, Finland. Their products are sourced locally and manufactured. You can find their lovely products here.

miss-moss-Saana-ja-Olli-013 miss-moss-Saana-ja-Olli-012 miss-moss-Saana-ja-Olli-011 miss-moss-Saana-ja-Olli-010-1 miss-moss-Saana-ja-Olli-009 miss-moss-Saana-ja-Olli-008 miss-moss-Saana-ja-Olli-007 miss-moss-Saana-ja-Olli-006 miss-moss-Saana-ja-Olli-005-2 miss-moss-Saana-ja-Olli-005-1 miss-moss-Saana-ja-Olli-004 miss-moss-Saana-ja-Olli-003 miss-moss-Saana-ja-Olli-002

One thought on “Things We Like

  1. The textiles displayed in these images are simple and soothing. They make me want to transcend to that peaceful spot in the woods. The table cloth is the perfect accent to an outdoor dinner or lunch under the trees!

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